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Group Programs

We are proud to be the host for Girl Scouts of San Diego Imperial Council, and La Jolla YMCA Summer Equestrian Day Camp. What ever your organization or your needs we are always open to large groups and never compromise our high standard of safety. Group programs are taught using the guidelines set by the American Association for Horsemanship Safety. Students are taught "Basic Seat" using the "Secure Seat" technique and lot's of fun is a requirement!

We have a fun safe facility to accommodate any group or organization. Please contact us for more information for your group.

Girl Scouts-

Besides being the host for Girl Scouts Summer Day Camp we are happy to provide opportunities for individual troops to come out, earn badges or just have a fun safe horse experience. Want to keep riding as a troop? We offer a special group discount for scouts that ride in a group of 6 or more.

For Junior Girl Scouts-

Horse Fan - Girls come out for a day of fun, learning and riding of course! Activities necessary to meet requirements for this badge will be completed and we finish off with an introductory riding lesson.

  • Caring for horses
  • Fashion and Function
  • Horses through History
  • Make a Career of Riding
  • Ease with Equipment
  • Horse Tales

This single session is $50.00 per girl ,expect to be with us for 2 hours.

Horse Rider -This badge takes it to the next level! Girls will work on improving skills and becoming true equestrians. Activities necessary to meet this badge requirements will be covered over a 5 weekly sessions.

  • Get Ready to Ride
  • Equipment Expert
  • In Good Form
  • Clips Combs, and More
  • Horse Anatomy
  • Perfect Your Form

This 5 Session program is $200.00 per girl, each session is approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours .

Brownie Girl Scouts

Animals Try it - Girls can come out and earn their Animals Try-It with a big emphasis on horses of course! We will finish up with hand held rides on horses and/or ponies.

  • Caring for Pets
  • Creature Moves
  • Looks Mean Something
  • Sounds Charades

This 1 Session program is $50.00 per girl and is about 2 hours.

Do you have a badge or Try-It you would like to work on at our ranch that is not listed here? Boy Scouts and other groups please contact us we would love to help you achieve your goals!

email us here - Heartland Ranch Group Programs

or call Group Programs 619 895-3164 

email Heartland Ranch Group Programs

call Group Programs 619 895-3164

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