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Day Camps

We are proud to be the host for Girl Scouts of San Diego- Imperial Council, and La Jolla YMCA Summer Equestrian Day Camps. Your child will experience the fun and excitement of learning the basics of horsemanship in a safe, positive environment. Riders will learn "Basic Seat" which is the foundation for good equitation and all disciplines. Our goal is to create safe, well balanced riders with a strong seat so we employ "Secure Seat" riding techniques for this purpose. They will learn about grooming saddling, and bridling and how to safely interact with the animals. Students will learn horsey basics, different breeds, disciplines, common lameness and illness in horses. Beside the activities provided by the organization they will be arriving with, there will be games, fun and of course giving the horse a bath on friday ( so bring a change of clothes!) :)

Please make sure your young equestrian comes prepared to ride and be around horses. We prefer western boots with a hard heel, please no clunky work, hiking or fashion boots with thick or high heels. Of course jeans are best but long pants are a must. Don't forget the sunscreen and please make sure your child has enough hydration. We would love it if you could get some kind of sports drink in them before they get to the ranch.

We want your child to have a positive experience and come away with a sense of accomplishment and our program is geared to just that. We feel that horses are great teachers of patience and life lessons plus they are really cool too!

We strive to make fun safe!

We are happy to answer any questions or discuss any concerns you may have.


Call 619 895-3164 - Group Programs



Group Pograms call 619 895-3164


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